Del Monte Case Study 1: BackUp Solutions

The Challenge: Imagine this — massive companies with multi-million dollar marketing budgets pounding away at the marketplace attempting to convince businesses to switch to their service. It was truly a case of a "David v. Goliath" market position. BackUp Solutions ( operates an off-site computer backup service, focusing on small and medium-sized businesses. The technology that BackUp Solutions sells protects some of the largest companies and government agencies in the world. They had a great product, exceptionally knowledgeable staff, and a very dull marketing presence that made it nearly impossible for them to be noticed. They were David, and they came to use to take down the Goliaths.

Del Monte Agency concluded that BackUp Solution's primary challenge was that their online marketing did not convey the value of their service or their brand to customers effectively. Del Monte Agency was charged with energizing the BackUp Solutions brand with three client-imposed limits – we were prohibited from using traditional messages and imagery normally associated with technology services; we had to develop something unique and distinctive, unlike anything else out there; and we had to navigate the fact that our client wasn't the company that provided the service.

The solution was to develop an entertaining and engaging campaign around what customers love about BackUp Solutions – its service, competence, and the fact that is backed by the best business backup software and systems in the world. We engaged our entire team to develop a truly unique approach to a dry topic. Del Monte Agency focused on demonstrating, in a lighthearted way, how BackUp Solutions was the IT professional's partner. Unlike the competition, BackUp Solutions knows its clients well, works with them when crisis occurs, and "walks their talk." These factors are why existing customers say they chose BackUp Solutions versus another provider.

The Results: Our client now has a website that is truly unique, engaging, and conveys highly technical material in an interesting format. You'd hardly know it's something as dry (but essential) as offsite data backup. Deployed in HTML5, the website is accessible in any format – website, tablet, or smartphone – accessibility being key for a high-tech audience of IT professionals. Sales conversion rates are considerably better when compared to their previous campaigns. Finally, our client receives kudos from both prospects and customers about how their "superhero sidekick" is on the case – proof that our solution is building brand equity and differentiating them in a marketplace dominated by glitzy and expensive advertising.

Del Monte Case Study 2: GrandStay Hospitality

The Challenge: The corporate leadership for GrandStay Hospitality, LLC ( was unable to determine if the thousands of dollars being spent every month on ad campaigns and website updates were actually making a difference.

Del Monte Agency is a consulting partner of Yahoo! Web Analytics, one of the most robust and highly detailed analytics platforms available. After an extensive installation process, GrandStay Hospitality, LLC was able to receive full cost vs. revenue metrics for all of their online campaigns, giving them a huge competitive advantage.

The Results:We discovered that the PPC campaigns were producing an average ROAS per property of over 700 percent, which lead to the decision to triple the daily budget for all properties. "We are so happy that this analytics mess is behind us. In the very near future, we should be able to spend our marketing budget on based upon actual performance and that is exactly what we were looking for and we can't wait for what next year will bring." -- Jon Kennedy, President

Del Monte Case Study 3: Bonfe Plumbing

The Challenge: When you think of social media, plumbing isn't usually the first thing that comes to mind. That's why when we became the social media agency of record for Bonfe Plumbing, Heating and Air Service, Inc. (, we knew we had a challenge ahead of us. We needed to determine how we would reach the Bonfe audience through social media and spread the word to their current customers that Bonfe had gone social. We needed to provide valuable content to keep the fans engaged, manage 3,000 customer contracts a year, and bring awareness to their services including plumbing, heating, air conditioning, drain and sewer, and electrical and appliance.

The Results: Using our experience and targeted experimentation, we created a campaign that effectively used social media to reach the ultimate goals of the company. We determined the Bonfe audience through research and used this to set up a strict Facebook advertising campaign. We created an experience that grabbed people's attention and was easy to use with the "Hello" Campaign. The customer contract challenge was resolved with a Facebook application in the design of a request service form. We designed another application, in the form of a mini interactive website within Facebook, to bring awareness to Bonfe's services. By applying the right applications, creating click-worthy content for the audience, and providing a welcoming atmosphere, we fulfilled the needs of Bonfe and its customers.

Del Monte Case Study 4: Metro Garage Door Co.

The Challenge: Metro Garage Door Co. ( is a garage door service company serving the greater Minneapolis –St. Paul area. The garage door service industry is very competitive from an online standpoint, with competition in both local and national markets. A strong competitive position within the search engines is a key factor in sucess, so when the main Metro Garage Door website was redesigned, we could not let the rebuild impact their SEO.

Our solution was to carefully buget a monthly pay-per-click campaign to serve as the primary source of traffic while we continued to build up the SEO performance for the new website. As time progressed we found a balance between the two traffic sources.

The Results: Today the Metro Garage Door Co. website has become one of the premier websites in the market in terms of SEO rank. We continue to engage in paid search since it has remained profitable and has allowed the website to reach an even wider range of relevant keywords.

Del Monte Case Study 5: Del Monte Agency

The Challenge: After operating for nearly a decade as an internet marketing firm, the principals of Del Monte & Associates, Inc., decided to transform into something completely different and new. We had seen the writing on the wall regarding traditional marketing and advertising for about three years. We studied our peers closely, trying to understand what was the disconnect between agencies and clients – and between clients and their customers. We also studied how companies had used their marketing and ad budgets ineffectively over the years.

The result of our soul searching led us to a set of values, principles, and techniques, that for lack of a better description we called "non-advertising." It was ultimately around that concept that we decided to form our brand. We were going to operate in ways that advertising agencies didn't, look for ways to increase our clients' bottom lines they wouldn't, focus on our clients' success and not peer accolades, and be realistic about what could be done with ad spends. It wouldn't be silly, it wouldn't make outrageous claims, and it had to be genuine. We'll never be DDB, BBDO, McCain, or Chiat/Day, as much as we admire and respect the work of the greatest firms in our industry. We wanted to make our own statement, live our own brand, and convey to clients what we believed in, why we believed in it, and ask them to join us if it makes sense to them. Our entire marketing concept for ourselves was non-advertising – we will connect with others, engage them, and together we prosper. From that concept came our tagline.

The Results: This website, among other things, and the blog. Our brand – with all the trimmings, much of which you'll really never see unless you work with us (hint). This website is by no means a finished product. However, it is coded with emerging tech that we will continue to experiment in using. We have simple ambitions for ourselves, as demonstrated in our website – we believe that customers are not robots that can be force fed messages and made to act upon them. This website attempts to engage our intended customer – people who have used other agencies – in an engaging way. We realized we were on the right track when one of our clients said to us (unsolicited), "You're like the way Ogilvy used to be." Well, that's a start. Our goal is for others to say, "Oh, you mean you do stuff like Del Monte."