Del Monte Core Values: Brand Truth

A brand is more than a logo. It's about emotion, connection, and values. To be successful, we as an agency need to believe in the value of our clients' brands.

We help our clients to be successful. Their success in turn contributes to the employment of others and the economy overall. That's the power of capitalism. That's the power of a successful brand.

We are always true to our clients' brands, and communicate their essence in innovative and engaging ways.

Del Monte Core Values: Trust

Our motto: Earn the client's trust. And keep it.

That means from the beginning of our relationship to the day a client moves on to another agency, we remain transparent in how we do business. Strategies, objectives, budgets – they're all open to clients.

We always tell the truth because there can be no trust without honesty. And we will treat our clients as close friends, providing counsel and advice to help them grow in their business.

Del Monte Core Values: Respect

Trust and respect go hand in hand. With our clients, we seek to foster an environment of mutual respect and a clear definition and division of roles. We are responsible for the campaigns we develop. Clients are responsible for providing us with the information, resources, and access we agreed to in order to complete our campaigns successfully.

We believe our clients should be actives partners. We respect our clients' customers by creating value in connecting them to our clients' brands. Customers play a role in advertising as well – and their input is critical to creating successful campaigns.

Del Monte Core Values: Greatness

Lead boldly, take risks, and accept responsibility. Doing great work requires taking risks. For clients to accept risk, they must trust us. That's why trust is so important. When clients trust us, we'll be able to do better than we did last time, even if last time was the most successful campaign we have ever done.

Advertising is not art for art's sake – our efforts are directed to help clients make money. No matter how clever, pretty, accomplished, critically acclaimed, or liked a campaign is, it will never be great if it doesn't further the client's commercial position.

Del Monte Core Values: Fun

Life is short, so have fun. We enjoy our work, and we want our clients to enjoy working with us. We try not to take ourselves too seriously.