Graphic Design

Then I talked to Jamie about Graphic Design and working at Jamf becasue she has worked at Jamf for a long time.

Graphic Design Summary

Graphic designers arrange images, words and graphics to represent an idea or experience. They attract people to their company’s website by making it look pretty, and then they get well-deserved praise. At Jamf, the designers use their skills to create a variety of collateral for different departments. This can range from e-books, white papers, case studies and more. They always fulfill the need for Jamf to provide a pleasing, helpful and professional experience for our clients.

Examples of graphic design

  • An illustration of a boat full of iOS devices
  • An illustration of an iPad dressed as a Superhero wearing a cape.
  • An illustration of boxes lined up to enter in iPad via a staircase in the middle of the screen.
  • An illustration of an iPad lowering itself into the middle of a room via a rope.