At the time I never realized how songs haunted. The ones that I heard I played because I wanted.
SA Martinez

Saint Paul Stylee is 5 guys who grew up listening to 311 and happen to play the right mix of instruments to perform the songs that we love. Our goal is to capture the positivite energy of 311’s music and bring it to our show with stellar musicianship and a dynamic stage presence.

Our accurate renditions of 311 songs include the singles, as well as deeper tracks spanning the band’s entire career. You’ll hear Down, Amber, and Beautiful Disaster as well as Brodels, Hostile Apostle and Welcome.

Get in Touch

We are actively looking to meet other 90s-2000s tribute acts and cover bands, Hip-hop groups, or reggae bands looking to share shows. Our current setlist allows us to split a night with one other band and we’d happily partner with 2 or 3 other groups to provide a more diverse evening of music.

Checkout the promo video & demo tracks and if you are interested in gigging with us, send an email to and lets set something up.